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Nauticnorm: Payment Options


Currently we are accepting the following credit cards:

  • VISA (with participation at the Verified by VISA program for maximum security) 
  • MasterCard (ith participation at the MasterCard SecureCode program for maximum security) 
  • American Express



With ELV Direct Debit you pay directly by only informing number and agency of your bank account.
Please note that is option is currently only available with an german bank account.



In order to pay your order you can also transfer the payment to our bank account at Hamburger Sparkasse (Hamburg/Germany). The bank account information you will receive during checkout process by selecting this payment option.



PayPal is an online payment service. With PayPal every company and every private person can pay by using his email address.
More informations about PayPal


DIRECTEBANKING.COM is the direct payment method of Payment Network AG. allows you to directly and automatically trigger a credit transfer during your online purchase with your online banking information. A transfer order is instantly confirmed to merchant allowing an instant delivery of goods and services.
More informations about



For giropay you do not need to register. All you need is a bank account at the following banks:
Postbank, Sparkasse, Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken, MLP-Bank, Cronbank, Ready-Bank and most of the PSD-Banks. More informations about giropay

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